Do It Yourself Kit Homes

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Our range of DIY Kit Homes has been designed as a perfect getaway for your rural block or as extra accommodation for your family. All our designs are using TRUECORE® steel frames which are 100% termite proof and lightweight for ease of construction. We only use Australian BlueScope COLORBOND® Steel on our Roof and Walls, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your home is backed by BlueScope’s warranties. Our standard wall cladding is Horizontal Custom Orb however there are other options available – just ask us! Delivered ex-factory direct to most locations in Australia – Australian product delivered to your door. All our kit homes are delivered to you to lock up stage, including windows, doors, roof insulation, cladding and framing to suit the design ordered. Easy!

Our kit homes have been designed for the owner builder and engineered in accordance with the Building Code of Australia. No question about the quality of the structure or the engineering. There is no doubt building a Do It Yourself Kit Home is a cost effective option enabling you to have everything you want in your home. We look forward to being able to assist you in the great Australian dream!

Add value to your property by building a Do It Yourself Kit Home and achieve a return on your investment. Great opportunity for Grandparents to build on your property and be closed to family or build a teenager retreat, whatever your reason Do It Yourself Kit Homes can provide you a solution.

All kit homes in our affordable range come complete with engineering drawings for you to submit to the relevant authorities, plus a full set of panel drawings for ease of construction. You will need to apply for an owner builder’s license and there are many options to assist contact your local TAFE College or Fair Trading Department in your State or download information from or for other relevant sites. Visit your local Council website or speak with a local Certifier for regulations relevant to your property.

Frame 100% Termite Proof

Steel Strength

Recyclable Material